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Cold Compression Brace: Featuring eight uniquely designed Cold Compression Brace for – Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Thigh, Back, Calf, Hand, Elbow. Provides cold compression therapy for pain-relieving support. The removable gel pack remain flexible and contour to the respective body part.

Cold Therapy: Providing pain-relieving support for major joints and body parts,
the Sorgen Cold Compression Brace helps reduce discomfort due to injury or
surgery. Chill the gel pack in freezer or refrigerator for cold therapy treatment
which can help reduce pain and inflammation.

Compression Therapy: The air pump system helps control uniform
compression as per desired. Compression helps increase blood flow to the area
while promoting proper joint positioning. Sorgen Cold Compression Brace
helps alleviate swelling, pain, and improves circulation. 

Ergonomically Designed: Designed to target the pain points on joints. The
adjustable straps with strong Velcro allow you to customize your brace to your
exact size. 

Flexible Fit: The brace can be secured with a strong velcro fastener system; it
easily adjusts to fit most adults. Suitable for both men and women.

Removable Gel Pack: The brace has a removable cool gel pack that comes in a durable material to prevent leaking or getting punctured. It can stand many
uses and will remain effective. Store the gel pack in the deep freezer for
minimum before use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This back brace is a life saver. I have been in so much pain having occasional spasms from pinched nerve. I attach the cold gel pack to the brace, lasts a good 30 minutes for me. Once I get to work, I store in the freezer to cool. Today is the second day I was able to get by with less pain. Back muscles feel a lot better now.
The quality is nice to me so far. The different levels of compression allow me to increase or decrease pressure very easily. Definitely provides relief.
I am very appreciative of this product, thank you to the company and customer support representative.

Good cold temperature! Good quality.

I fractured my fibula above the ankle 2 weeks ago. After which, my ankle swelled. So long I have been using ice cool packs, but there's a limit to how many times I can apply them. It's tiring to re-apply every few hours.

The cold compression ankle brace is a savior. I have a family member put on the brace for me. I put my foot in through the opening. The Velcro bands around the lower leg as are adjustable. The gel pack inside get very cold. I like to freeze it for an hour before I reapply.

Good quality product, I’d recommend to all those needing cold therapy.