Sorgen Royale Class II Stockings

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  • Sorgen Royale  is made with premium microfiber fabric.
  • The microfiber fabric wicks away moisture and makes it very comfortable to wear
  • Reinforced toe and heel for better durability
  • The thigh length stockings come with an silicon band at the top to provide extra grip and support
  • Sorgen Royale comes with true graduated compression
  • Compression class II : 23-32 mm Hg
Why microfiber is better than cotton?
  • For a humid country like India, the answer is YES. Microfiber has many advantages of cotton especially in Medical Compression Stockings (Where one wears it for more than 6-8 hours a day).
  • Breathable : The Microfiber Fabric wicks away moisture from the skin preventing perspiration from clinging to the skin. You always stay cool and comfortable in all weather 
  • Durability: Microfiber medical compression stockings are more durable as they retain their shape for a long time with repeated washes, with no change in compression level.  
  • Easy to wear: Microfiber compression stockings are easily stretchable thereby making it easier to wear, especially for the thigh length users, this is most sort option.
  • Extra Soft: Microfiber medical compression stockings are very soft and comfortable to the skin. As they are worn for long durations these stockings this feature of Microfiber is an very important aspect.
  • Compression Level: Class II
  • Fabric Composition: Microfiber
  • Brand: Sorgen
  • Length : Available in Knee length and thigh length
  • Durability: 9/10 (Based on customer experience)
When to use Class II?

Indications for using Sorgen Royale class II stockings are:

  • Class II or grade II stockings are usually worn when:
  • For more serious symptoms
  • For more marked varicose veins or moderate oedema
  • After healing of minor ulcers
  • After sclerosis and surgery for varicose veins
  • After deep vein thrombosis
  • In cases of insufficiency (weakness) of the valves in the deep veins

Please Note: These explanations expressed here are based on a general understanding on compression levels and they DO NOT replace nor overrule the doctor’s advice.

How to put on compression stockings?

The tough elastic that is used to make compression stockings can be difficult to wear and adjust, especially if you have arthritis or other problems that limit hand movement or function.

In case of medical compression stockings, it is advisable to use a slider

  • Put your hand inside the stocking foot with the heal facing down
  • Turn the leg of the stocking inside out as far as the heel
  • Stretch the stocking sideways at the heel
  • Slide your foot into the stocking
  • Make the heel of the stocking coincide with your heel
  • Grasping the top of the stocking pull over the ankle, continue up the leg
  • Adjust and straighten the stocking as you go up and remove wrinkles if any.
  • To know more have a look at our videos
  • For compression pantyhose, use the same steps to gently ease the pantyhose up to your waist
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