Sorgen Royale Class I Stockings

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  • Sorgen Royale  is made with premium microfiber fabric.
  • The microfiber fabric wicks away moisture and makes it very comfortable to wear
  • Reinforced toe and heel for better durability
  • The thigh length stockings come with an silicon band at the top to provide extra grip and support
  • Sorgen Royale comes with true graduated compression
  • Compression class I : 18-21mm Hg
Why microfiber is better than cotton?
  • For a humid country like India, the answer is YES. Microfiber has many advantages of cotton especially in Medical Compression Stockings (Where one wears it for more than 6-8 hours a day).
  • Breathable : The Microfiber Fabric wicks away moisture from the skin preventing perspiration from clinging to the skin. You always stay cool and comfortable in all weather 
  • Durability: Microfiber medical compression stockings are more durable as they retain their shape for a long time with repeated washes, with no change in compression level.  
  • Easy to wear: Microfiber compression stockings are easily stretchable thereby making it easier to wear, especially for the thigh length users, this is most sort option.
  • Extra Soft: Microfiber medical compression stockings are very soft and comfortable to the skin. As they are worn for long durations these stockings this feature of Microfiber is an very important aspect.
  • Compression Level: Class I
  • Fabric Composition: Microfiber
  • Brand: Sorgen
  • Length : Available in Knee length and thigh length
  • Durability: 9/10 (Based on customer experience)
When to use Class I?

Indications for using Sorgen Royale class I stockings are:

  • For a feeling of tired and heavy legs
  • Early venous insufficiency (weakness)
  • Mild varicose veins without pronounced oedema
  • For varicose veins in pregnancy
  • For so called “spider veins”
  • After sclerosis of varicose veins

Please Note: These explanations expressed here are based on a general understanding on compression levels and they DO NOT replace nor overrule the doctor’s advice.

How to wear?
  • It is advisable to use a slider
  • Put your hand inside the stocking foot with the heal facing down
  • Turn the leg of the stocking inside out as far as the heel
  • Stretch the stocking sideways at the heel
  • Slide your foot into the stocking
  • Make the heel of the stocking coincide with your heel
  • Grasping the top of the stocking pull over the ankle, continue up the leg
  • Adjust and straighten the stocking as you go up and remove wrinkles if any.


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